Personal Injury Litigation:

This office has successfully represented clients who have sustained injuries due to the intentional and negligent conduct of others in a variety of circumstances, including automobile accidents, failure to maintain premisses (from apartment houses to skating rinks to shopping center sidewalks), ingestion of contaminated food products, physical assaults and defamation of character.

Most recently, I litigated and settled a motor vehicle accident on an interstate highway in Philadelphia in which my client suffered permanent hearing loss; unfortunately, the person who struck my client had the minimum bodily injury coverage allowed under law. His insurance carrier paid out that full coverage amount, and I was also able to recover under my client’s own underinsured motorist coverage close to his much higher policy limits; together, that was a substantial settlement. These cases involve the retaining of expert medical witnesses which will greatly enhance recovery or judgment; familiarity with that process is often the key to maximizing the result.

I was also able to resolve a serious motor vehicle accident in New Jersey caused principally by an abandoned, uninsured vehicle parked on the side of a residential street which my client had to go around resulting in a collision with a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction; the abandoned vehicle had been removed from a condominium parking lot and removed to a public street by family members after its owner had passed away, which was in violation of a municipal ordinance requiring such vehicles to be garaged and State law requiring all motor vehicles to be insured. My client suffered severe spinal injuries and disfigurement to her hand and had to be transported to the hospital from the accident scene. As the case presented the unusual circumstance of an illegally abandoned vehicle parked on a public street – but in a legal parking space – it had to be resolved through settlement with the insurance carriers for both the opposing driver and the mother of the deceased owner of the abandoned vehicle.