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Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Marlton, New Jersey

Kenneth A. Sandler, Attorney at Law is a law firm based in Marlton, New Jersey representing employees who have suffered sexual harassment in their workplaces in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. What is sexual harassment? According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), sexual harassment includes unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors from co-workers, supervisors, managers and even customers or clients. Sexual harassment can also take the form of verbal harassment which is of a sexual nature and unwelcome and which creates a “hostile environment.” Your employer may be required under law to take action against a perpetrator or, at the least, to investigate a complaint when you have experienced sexual harassment from a co-worker, client, or customer. Its failure to take such action may itself be a violation of law.

While the law doesn’t prohibit “one-off” teasing, a single request for a date, or a single-event that isn’t repeated, the lines between a “one-off” event and sexual harassment may often be blurred. Sexual harassment occurs when the violations are so common, frequent, or repeated that they result in a work environment that is hostile. In some cases, workers will leave the workplace, losing out on career opportunities, advancement, and income. If you were compelled to leave such a hostile work environment due to sexual harassment or believe you were fired because you reported sexual harassment, you may have a legal case. Please contact Kenneth A. Sandler, Attorney at Law, for a free telephone consultation today.

What to Do If You Believe You Were Sexually Harassed on the Job in Marlton, New Jersey

If you were sexually harassed at work, you may have the right to pursue a case. If you believe you were sexually harassed at work, there are some things you can do to protect your rights and build your case. Here are some things to keep in mind:

● Document every instance the sexual harassment took place. If there were people who witnessed the harassment, write down their names. If you received texts or e-mails, save the e-mails or texts so that you can readily retrieve same. Remember, sexual harassment is more than a “one-off” thing to be actionable. This isn’t simply a case of a co-worker or boss asking you out for a date, your politely declining and the matter never being mentioned again. Instead, it would have to be repeated instances involving requests for a date, sexual favors, sexual comments, unwanted physical contacts and even sexual advances. Recording each occurrence helps you build a case that the harassment is pervasive.

  • Make clear that the harassment is unwanted. Tell the co-worker, boss, customer, or clientthat you do not feel comfortable with the conversation, requests or behavior. If you feel the need to put your thoughts into writing, please do so. When making a sexual harassment complaint, your employer’s human resources department may ask whether you asked the person directly to stop the behavior. It can be important to address the behavior immediately after it happens.
  • Report the incident to human resources. Yes, workers can sometimes face retaliation for reporting an incident and retaliation can take the form of firings, being passed up for promotions, or being moved to other teams, but if this happens, you may be able to build a retaliation case. If the sexual harassment does not stop when you ask it to stop, and it is interfering with your ability to do your job, consider reporting the incident.
  • Talk to a sexual harassment lawyer. If you have asked for the behavior to stop, reported the situation to Human Resources, but find that Human Resources isn’t taking steps to protect you, a sexual harassment lawyer like Kenneth A. Sandler, Attorney at Law, based in Marlton, New Jersey may be able to help you. If you reported the sexual harassment but then lost your job, or believe you have suffered career or other job setback as a result, you may also have a case. Reach out to Kenneth A. Sandler, Attorney at Law, in Marlton, New Jersey today.While it may not always be necessary to seek the counsel of a sexual harassment lawyer if you are facing sexual harassment, if the sexual harassment is pervasive or has resulted in the loss of your job, income or promotional opportunities, you may want to consult with a sexual harassment lawyer today. Kenneth A. Sandler, Attorney at Law, is a sexual harassment law firm in Marlton, New Jersey which may be able to help you.

    Discrimination Law Firm in Marlton, New Jersey

    Kenneth A. Sandler, Attorney at Law, is an employment discrimination law firm based in Marlton, New Jersey, which may be able to help you if you believe you have suffered workplace discrimination. Workplace discrimination is any kind of unfavorable treatment due to unlawful cirteria such as your race, color, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual or affectional orientation, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability/perception of disability. If you believe you weren’t hired, were fired, or were passed up for advancement due to any form of workplace discrimination, Kenneth A. Sandler, Attorney at Law, based in Marlton, New Jersey may be able to help you.

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